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  • David Den Boer

    August 2, 2021 at 6:43 PM

    We see this all the time Deb…and of course this is true. I think we see customers on a consolidated financial reporting model selecting a very high level of detail to report from…which saves energy for translation…only to find there is virtually no analytic value. An alternative is to associate multiple, purpose built models to capture the granular details, and generate the summary records on the fly. This would meet both purposes…and save energy as it doesn’t require multiple points of entry!

    I also use an analogy about looking where this is light. Here’s a blog I wrote about this effect some time ago. https://www.column5.com/en-us/blog/bid/186271/EPM-Value-Is-Exclusively-The-Client-s-Definition (speaking to the looking where the light is!)