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  • David Den Boer

    February 15, 2021 at 11:38 AM

    This is excellent insight, Deb. I also have seen this phenomenon at multiple customers over the years. My theory is that these systems are frequently designed to be very complex, and are viewed as a “black box” by all but the original developer. No one dares rock the boat lest they disturb some complex code in the bowels of the system. Perhaps a change was made long ago, resulting in a painful outage for weeks! (we mustn’t do that again!).

    This is no way to live, obviously. We need to work to make the system more and more transparent so the software is as powerful as needed to perform the required business functions, but also the design and code is as simple as possible (the word i like is “elegant”) to make performance stable and consistent…oh and it can be easily supported.

    If you’re afraid of your EPM solution…there’s a good chance you could be doing much better!