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  • Deb Silverman, Report Coach

    November 24, 2020 at 4:32 PM

    DRILL-THROUGH: A Drill-Through is a functionality that enables us to access data outside the current BPC report (SQL Server, Oracle, Access, BW, ECC, etc..). the process triggers a query with defined filters containing the current view information necessary to run the query. We do need to know what the data looks like on the other end, so we pass the correct parameters. Why bother? You can use drill-through to get data faster than to switch tools to ‘go get’ the data.

    Say we want to drill-through a specific account to another data source, we would assign a “DRILLKEY” property to the account to enable it. There are several options for Drill-Through: URL (any data source), Table in Web, table in Excel. When triggered the parameters are passed with the query. When the query is complete a report will be displayed.

    DRILL-DOWN: When we Drill-Down on our data, it is assumed we are within the EPM report and the member we want to ‘drilldown’ on is a parent-level member. Base-level members are the lowest members in the hierarchy. When we have a dynamic EPM report active we can double-click on the parent-level member (a.k.a. calculated member) and the hierarchy will ‘expand’ revealing the children of that parent. This drill-down functionality is a User Option in EPM as shown in the snapshot.