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  • Deb Silverman, Report Coach

    November 19, 2020 at 4:46 PM

    Most definitely flaky. The larger the dimension the more flakier. Never-mind that the Export to CSV doesn’t always work. A couple of tricks for starters… before making any BIG changes create a backup of the dimension (if you can’t export it).

    1) When copy-pasting cells within the master data sheet, do not enter into the cell with your cursor and grab the text. Click the cell once then right-click copy. The problem most people have is when the cursor goes into the cell, copying just doesn’t work as expected.

    2) It is faster to paste data (values only) from an external excel file. I set up the master data and then set up an excel spreadsheet in alignment (columns must match!). build your data externally, then i copy cells (hundreds) and seamlessly copy-paste into Admin. If we inadvertently click on the wrong cell or things go awry just back out without saving and try again.